UCM Teams Up With CORE

For two years CORE has offered a 6-month program at Gum Springs Community Center in partnership with Fairfax County giving CORE students access to a modern computer lab in that community and allowing Fairfax County to increase their lab’s impact. Another group became interested in this arrangement – starting this year United Community Ministries (UCM) partnered with CORE, creating a program that effectively bookends our 6-month class.

UCM has taken responsibility for recruiting all students for the Gum Springs class from within their own workforce center. After these students graduate, they will be matched with an employment counselor from UCM to assist in their job search. Both UCM and CORE expect this teamwork to show improved client outcomes! Making this a particularly noteworthy match, two CORE volunteers are involved in the picture. One CORE volunteer works at the UCM workforce center and one of UCM’s employment counselors is also a Computer CORE volunteer. This extra connection will help make the partnership a strong one, and will benefit clients too.

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